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House of Miracles

Wholly Human. Wildly Divine. Anointing Oil

Wholly Human. Wildly Divine. Anointing Oil

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Sometimes we reach too high
Thinking the divine to be
Somewhere outside ourself
Getting lost in the chase of some
“Higher” experience superior to this one
We float up out of our roots
And wonder why we’re anxious
Forgetting that the magic is in this very exact moment
That this body is not a block
but Is in fact the entry point

Sometimes we get so zeroed in
On this body
And this moment
Losing touch with our stardust
Our vastness, the magic of all that is
And wonder why we’re depressed.
Forgetting that we are so much more
The divine spark, incarnate.

This oil has been ceremonially made and infused with an invocation of holy Union. Wear it when you need a little help embracing the full spectrum of being wholly human and/or remembering the delight of being wildly divine.

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